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False advertising, bait and switch marketing, phony disclosure of manipulative bookkeeping devices, unconscionable pricing, and charging for services never provided are some of the many unfair and deceptive practices rogue corporations use to defraud consumers. These deceptive business practices also distort the marketplace by allowing dishonest businesses to gain an unfair advantage over ethical competitors. State and federal laws, however, provide consumers with broad protection from unfair and illegal business practices.

Millions of Victims in the U.S. Alone

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission released a disturbing survey showing that in 2011 an estimated 25.6 million U.S. citizens were victims of consumer fraud. That’s roughly 10.8% of the adult population. The increase in online commerce options have given consumers greater options when it comes to shopping, but have also created new outlets for fraudulent businesses to trick consumers.

Determined Consumer Protection Attorneys

The Gold Law Firm advises consumers as well as businesses whether and how to pursue legal action to halt and obtain compensation for the deceptive practices of large corporations. With a blend of courage, superior legal skills, and high principles, we protect our clients’ interests and help them achieve their goals by winning highly-complex consumer protection lawsuits against those that have defrauded consumers. Our consumer protection attorneys handle cases spanning a broad range of goods and services, across many different markets and industries.

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