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Compassionate Representation For Victims Of Sexual Assault And Rape

Teal ribbon awareness to support sexual assault awareness | Denver Sexual Assault Victims AttorneyFor every sexual abuse and assault case that makes headlines, there are hundreds more cases of children and adult sexual assault and rape survivors who have suffered in silence, praying for relief. While the criminal justice system can punish perpetrators, the civil justice system can hold negligent parties accountable, and provide resources for victims that are unavailable in the criminal courts. The Denver sexual assault victims attorneys at the Gold Law Firm help victims take a stand, and take back their lives through the civil system.

Although we can’t go back in time and stop the sexual abuse or crime from occurring, we do everything in our power to assist our clients in their path toward healing. We try to surround our clients with the best possible support network available, which may include attorneys and mental health care professionals.

Justice For Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault And Rape Survivors

The personal injury lawyers at the Gold Law Firm represent survivors of sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Our goal is to bring perpetrators to justice, and hold accountable the institutions that looked the other way, or failed to prevent such acts in the first place. We have recovered thousands of dollars for victims in Colorado in a wide range of cases:

  • Health care and daycare providers — Some of the most vulnerable sexual abuse and assault victims are those attacked in health care or daycare facilities, where predators prey people susceptible to being taken advantage of due to medical or psychological conditions. We frequently handle cases involving sexual assaults and rapes at nursing homes, daycare, hospitals, doctors’ offices and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Property owners — We also handle cases against property owners who fail to prevent guests and tenants from becoming victims of sexual crimes, including childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. This includes cases against apartment complexes and hotels for inadequate security, and negligent supervision and training.
  • Workplace assaults — If you or a loved one was sexually assaulted while at work, our firm can pursue civil remedies against the perpetrator, the employer and third parties such as a property management or security company.

Compassionate And Powerful Representation

Greenwood, CO personal injury attorneys at the Gold Law FirmMany cases are referred to us from other lawyers who are familiar with our experience and the results we’ve achieved in sexual assault and rape victim litigation. We welcome inquiries from law firms, from parents and family members, and from survivors themselves. We can force those responsible to acknowledge the wrong and recognize the harm, through appropriate monetary compensation, and through changes in policies and procedures that will prevent sexual assaults and rape from occurring to anyone else.

Our firm handles cases throughout Colorado. If you were injured by a sexual assault, abuse or rape involving an institution, organization or business, please contact Pamela Maass of the Gold Law Firm today for a free consultation at (303) 694-4653.