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denver injury lawyer greg goldGregory Gold is a nationally recognized expert on personal injury cases and insurance bad faith. He has built the Gold Law Firm with staff that include some of the most respected and honored trial attorneys in Colorado. In 2002 Mr. Gold was honored as the Colorado Trial Lawyer Associations (CTLA) New Lawyer of the Year. For many years he has been featured as a SuperLawyer within 5280 Magazine, and he and the Gold Law firm have achieved record verdicts, including the country’s largest premises liability verdict (totaling $15 million dollars). He and his clients have been featured on local and national news programs and Mr. Gold is frequently asked to speak at legal events. Call Gregory today at (855) LAW-5280 or 855.529.5280.

injury lawyer sommer lutherOver the last 10 years Sommer Luther has been a rising legal star who has established herself as one of the most respected young trial lawyers in Colorado. Ms. Luther was honored with the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association’s (CTLA) New Lawyer of the Year Award in 2012 (recognizing outstanding lawyers with only 10 years of practice). Over the last 3 years she has appeared as a SuperLawyers Rising Star within 5280 Magazine. She is a National Trial Lawyers Association 40 under 40 Lawyer. She has worked on a number of cases which have been nominated by CTLA for Case of the Year Honors. She has also recovered millions for her clients through both jury verdicts and settlements. Her clients have been featured on television stories and her work has been published in legal journals and magazines, including TrialTalk. Call Sommer toll-free today at (855) LAW-5280 – that’s 855.529.5280.