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bike-riding-dangerousColorado is home to some of the best cycling in the country. Unfortunately, as the number of cyclists on Colorado roadways increases, so does the risk. Every year bicyclists are involved in accidents with motor vehicles, resulting in severe and often life-threatening injuries. In fact, 75% of such collisions result in a traumatic brain injury and every 6 hours a bicyclist is killed. While bicycle accident statistics can be alarming, safety advisers warn that the number of bicyclists injured in accidents may be even greater. A great number of bicycle accidents go unreported every year when cyclists either can’t or don’t report their accident to authorities.

Bicyclist’s Liability

When a bicyclist shares a roadway with automobiles, he/she is subject to the same traffic laws as motorists. These same laws also serve to protect bicyclists from negligent drivers. All drivers must be attentive to bicycle riders that share the roadways with them. In addition, every year there are new traffic laws aimed at protecting bicycle riders from automobile accidents.

In order to determine who is responsible for the injuries your injuries, your attorney may need to use bicycle experts to testify regarding roadway safety, automobile speeds and other important conditions. In addition to using bicycle experts, your attorney will work closely with police officials, witnesses and medical experts to help determine all responsible parties and file the appropriate claims against them.

What to Do in Case of Bicycle Accident?

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney immediately to review and  handle your case. Injuries sustained after a bicycle accident can be severe and lead to a lifetime of  chronic pain and disabilities. Compensation will be needed for medical expenses both now and in the future. There may be many parties responsible for your injuries and multiple claims to file. In addition to driver negligence, there may be other reasons your accident occurred and your attorney will need to review your case thoroughly to determine if product liability, defective products or improper roadway maintenance contributed to your accident.

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