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Many people have broken a bone at some point during their lives. Fractures can occur in a variety of situations, and they may be caused by sports injuries or accidents around the home. However, there are many cases where injuries are the fault of another party, such as in a car accident or a slip and fall that occurred on property owned by someone else. While treatment for these injuries is usually straightforward, some fractures can have long-lasting effects that may limit the activities a person can participate in or the types of work they can perform. The expenses related to these injuries can add up quickly, especially if ongoing physical therapy will be required. When broken bones are caused by someone else's actions or negligence, victims may be able to seek compensation for their damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

The Gold Law Firm provides effective legal representation for people who have suffered fractures and other severe injuries that were caused by others. We know how these injuries can affect a person's quality of life due to the pain they have experienced and the loss of mobility that may limit their ability to perform daily tasks. We also understand the financial impact that a serious bone fracture can have, especially if it affects a person's ability to work on a temporary or permanent basis. We work to ensure that our clients can recover the full amount of compensation they deserve so that they can fully recover and move forward with their lives.

Types of Bone Fractures

Broken bones can affect people in multiple ways, and they can range in severity depending on the parts of the body where fractures occurred, the extent of the damage to bones and surrounding tissues, and a variety of other factors. Even if a fracture is relatively minor, it can often take multiple weeks or months to fully heal. A cast will usually be required to hold the bone in place while it mends, and this may limit the ways a person will be able to use the parts of the body that were affected.

A person's ability to perform work-related tasks may be affected while they are recovering. For example, a broken leg may affect a person's ability to walk or stand, making it impossible for them to perform a job that requires them to stay on their feet during the day. Fractures in the arms, wrists, or hands may affect a person's ability to perform fine motor skills, such as typing or preparing food. Depending on a person's occupation, they may be unable to earn an income while they are recovering from these injuries. In serious cases, a person may never regain full use of the part of their body where a fracture occurred.

There are multiple different types of bone fractures, including:

  • Simple or closed fractures - When a bone breaks in one place, and the pieces of the bone do not move significantly, an injury may be able to heal relatively quickly once the bone is set in the proper position.
  • Compound fractures - In serious cases caused by a severe impact, such as when a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, the broken end of a bone may protrude through the skin. This may result in damage to muscles or other tissues, and a person may be at risk of serious infections.
  • Comminuted fractures - A bone may be broken into several pieces or shattered due to a strong impact. In these cases, surgery may be required to repair the damage, and screws, rods, or other implants may be needed to hold the pieces of bone in place while they heal.
  • Compression fractures - Bones may be crushed in an impact, such as a car accident in which a vehicle rolls over. These fractures commonly affect the vertebrae in the spine, which may result in spinal cord injuries.

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Our lawyers work to help injury victims address multiple types of injuries, including broken bones or other types of bodily harm that may affect their quality of life and their ability to perform daily activities. We will fight to make sure victims will be fully compensated for the damages they have experienced due to injuries caused by others. To set up a free consultation and learn how we can help with your case, contact us by calling 303-694-4653.

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