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Generally speaking, if you have accepted an insurance settlement for your personal injury claim, you cannot sue for more money. In fact, the wording of most settlements specifically states your signature indicates your understanding that the matter is resolved.

For this reason, it is essential to make sure the offer you accept will be adequate to fully compensate you for your injury, any future complications, and all of your losses prior to signing anything. To verify that you have some form of legal restitution for any subsequent compensation following your settlement, you will need to have an experienced Yuma personal injury attorney review the details of your case.

Do Not Be Pressured Into Accepting a Quick Settlement

After sustaining an injury, it is not uncommon for an accident victim's finances to be in a state of chaos. It can be difficult to cover the usual cost of living expenses when you have been inundated by medical bills, especially if you are unable to work because of your injury.

This sense of despair can prompt anyone to take the first settlement they are offered. This, however, is the worst thing an accident victim can do. When you sign the settlement agreement, you are also fully and finally releasing the insurance company from liability. This release applies to any worsening of your condition or future complications and their resulting costs.

To prevent this frightening scenario from happening, it is advised that you:

  • Allow sufficient time for your condition to completely manifest, while being mindful of the statute of limitations.
  • Visit multiple physicians to get their prognoses.
  • Consider the full extent of your condition and the implications it will have on your future before settling your claim.

Determining Liability

If you are experiencing complications stemming from your original injury, it is important to determine precisely who is responsible for your worsened condition. While it is true that medical complications might be the lingering result of your injury, they might also be due to:

  • Errors made during your treatment
  • Inadequate medical care
  • Defective drugs

If this is the case, you could have an additional party from whom to seek damages. If you accept a settlement prematurely, this could be a means of recourse. Your only other option would be to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney and have him or her delve into the details, searching for liability issues.

While it is possible for accident victims to negotiate their own personal injury settlements, doing so can be a complex and overwhelming task. Consulting an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney in the immediate aftermath of your accident can keep you from landing in one of the many pitfalls of personal injury claim negotiations, and it will allow you to maximize your recovery, ensuring your peace of mind now and well after your settlement is finalized.

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