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Parents do everything they can to make sure their children are safe at all times. However, there are many situations where children will be placed under the supervision of others, including when they are at school. During these times, parents will rely on teachers and other school personnel to provide adequate supervision, maintain a safe environment, and prevent children from being harmed. Unfortunately, these people do not always live up to their responsibilities, and children may be injured as a result. Injuries to children can also occur at public playgrounds due to defective equipment or other safety issues. In these cases, parents will need to determine who was responsible for a child's injuries, and they may be able to pursue personal injury lawsuits and receive compensation that will address the ways their family has been affected.

The attorneys of The Gold Law Firm understand that for parents, nothing can be as troubling as seeing their children suffer harm. Parents may worry that they did not do everything possible to protect their children's safety, and they may be angry that others failed to meet the requirements to protect children who were placed in their care. We are dedicated to helping families address these situations correctly and ensuring that they will have the resources to meet their children's ongoing needs. We will fight to secure compensation that will address the costs of children's medical treatment, modifications to a family's home to accommodate a disability, and any other expenses related to an injury, as well as the emotional trauma experienced by parents and children.

Types of School-Related Injuries That May Affect Children

There are many potential causes of injuries at schools, and in many cases, these injuries are preventable. When school personnel fail to meet their duty to protect the safety of children, a school or school district may be held liable for a family's damages. Injuries affecting children at schools may occur because of:

  • Slip and fall accidents - Children may slip on unsafe walking surfaces, causing them to suffer harm when they fall to the ground. These injuries may occur because of wet floors in hallways or classrooms or failure to clear snow and ice from sidewalks around a school.
  • Inadequate supervision - During recess, school activities, and other times during the school day, teachers or other school officials should closely monitor children to ensure that they are behaving safely. Failure to properly supervise children could lead to accidents, or children may be harmed due to bullying.
  • Sports activities - While physical exercise can be very beneficial for children, injuries can occur if the proper safety procedures are not followed or if teachers or coaches do not ensure that children use safety equipment when necessary.
  • Food poisoning or allergies - Food served in school cafeterias may cause harm to children if it is not cooked properly or if it becomes contaminated with harmful substances. Schools should take steps to address food allergies that affect students, and failure to follow the correct procedures could cause children with allergies to suffer serious harm or wrongful death.
  • Exposure to toxic substances - Older buildings may contain substances such as asbestos that could put children at risk of harm. Other toxic chemicals, such as those used in science labs, may also cause injuries if the proper safety procedures are not followed.
  • School bus accidents - Traffic accidents involving school buses can result in serious injuries to children. A school district may be liable for these injuries if an accident occurred due to the negligence of a bus driver or the failure to perform proper maintenance on a school bus.
  • Defective playground equipment - Children may be injured if equipment on playgrounds breaks or fails to provide them with the proper protection. These injuries may occur because equipment was designed defectively or because it was not installed or maintained correctly.

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Injuries affecting children can be devastating for a family, and parents may struggle to meet their children's needs going forward. Our firm believes in protecting the rights of families who have been affected by these types of injuries, and we will work to hold negligent school officials or school districts responsible for the damages a family has suffered. To schedule a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help you pursue compensation for injuries that have affected your family, contact us today at 303-694-4653.

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