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Denver pool and water park injury attorney

Denver Swimming Pool Injury Attorney Serving Colorado

During the summer, many people enjoy spending time at swimming pools and water parks. While these activities can be fun for everyone involved while allowing people to cool off during hot weather, they can also be dangerous. There are a variety of different types of injuries that can occur, including drownings and slip and fall injuries. When these injuries are caused by the negligence of a pool's or water park's owner or operator, victims may pursue compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. By understanding the potential causes of injuries and the types of negligence that may put people at risk, victims and their family members can determine the best ways to protect their rights to receive financial compensation for their damages.

In matters involving premises liability, it is crucial to secure representation from an attorney who has the necessary knowledge and experience. Cases involving injuries at public pools or water parks may need to address local laws and safety regulations, as well as reviews of company policies regarding lifeguard training, maintenance of equipment, and a variety of other complex factors. The lawyers of The Gold Law Firm have extensive experience representing clients in multiple types of personal injury and wrongful death cases, and with our record of success, victims can rest assured that they will be able to take the proper steps to hold a negligent property owner responsible for their injuries.

Liability for Pool and Water Park Injuries

There are many potential causes of injuries for people who use public or private swimming pools or visit water parks. These may include:

  • Inadequate supervision - A public pool must ensure that the proper number of lifeguards are on duty at all times, and lifeguards must be properly trained in safety procedures and emergency medical care. Without adequate staff, children or others who use pools may not be properly supervised, potentially leading to drownings or other injuries. A pool must also have the proper safety equipment, including flotation devices and poles used to reach and retrieve swimmers.
  • Slippery surfaces - While patrons will usually be aware that walking surfaces around a pool or water slide may be wet, and they will be expected to act safely, there are some cases where sidewalks, pool decks, stairs, or other surfaces may be unsafe. Failure to ensure that these areas provide people with the proper traction may result in slip and fall accidents.
  • Defective, unsafe, or improperly maintained equipment - Pools and water parks will use multiple types of pumps, filters, and drains, and these must be kept maintained to prevent potential injuries. If devices are unsafe, entrapment may occur in which a person's hair, clothing, or limbs become caught in a drain, and this could lead to drowning.
  • Chemical imbalances - To kill germs and prevent bacterial infections, the proper levels of chlorine or other chemicals must be maintained in the water of pools. Chemicals that are out of balance may cause people to be exposed to toxic substances that could cause injuries to the skin, eyes, lungs, or other bodily systems. Inadequate chlorine levels may result in people contracting infectious diseases.
  • Lack of signs, markings, or other warnings - Pools and water parks should provide signs warning people about the risks they may face. Markings should also be provided in and around pools to ensure people are aware of the depths in different areas. Without adequate warnings, people may be placed at risk of injury due to being unaware of potential dangers.
  • Inadequate fencing - Public and private pools must be enclosed by fences or other barriers that prevent unauthorized access by small children. Without these measures in place, children may attempt to use a pool without supervision, and this could lead to drownings or other injuries.

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When a person is injured at a pool or water park, they and their family members may struggle to recover, and they may be unsure about how to determine whether the owner of the facility was responsible. Our attorneys can provide representation to victims in these cases, establish liability based on negligence, and pursue financial compensation that will fully address the ways a family has been affected. To get dedicated legal help in these matters, contact our firm at 303-694-4653 and arrange your free consultation.

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