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People who suffer serious injuries will often be unsure about where to turn for help. These injuries can cause a great deal of difficulty for a family. The expenses related to medical treatment, the costs of replacing damaged property, and the loss of income that occurs when an injury affects a person's ability to work may put a family in dire financial straits. While insurance coverage may be available in some situations, a victim and their family may have difficulty filing insurance claims, and insurance companies may attempt to minimize payouts or deny claims altogether.

To ensure that they will be able to receive the proper compensation for injuries that were caused by other people's actions or negligence, victims will need to secure representation from an attorney who understands the applicable laws, has the necessary experience, and is prepared to fight to protect their interests. Determining whether an attorney is the right person to take on a specific case is not always easy, and an injury victim will want to make sure they are receiving quality legal representation that is focused on protecting their interests. For those who are seeking compensation that will allow them to recover from a serious injury, The Gold Law Firm can provide dedicated, effective representation.

At The Gold Law Firm, we believe in fighting on behalf of injury victims and ensuring that those who were responsible for injuries are held liable for the harm they have caused. Our firm employs some of the finest and most recognized attorneys in Colorado. We pride ourselves on our thorough understanding of the law and on our innovative mediation and trial strategies. Our work has been recognized in local and national news coverage, and our attorneys are often asked to speak at legal conferences.

When looking for some of Colorado's and the nation's largest verdicts, look no further than The Gold Law Firm. Our lawyers have obtained some of the largest personal injury verdicts in Colorado and the nation. We secured a record $33 million verdict for the family of a person who was wrongfully killed, which is the largest wrongful death verdict awarded in the state of Colorado. We have also obtained a $15 million verdict in a slip and fall case, a $4.2 million verdict for a motorcycle accident victim, and a $1.5 million premises liability verdict. In total, we have recovered more than $100 million for our clients through verdicts and settlements.

We have represented injured people in many types of cases, including:

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