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There are a variety of situations where property owners or tenants may be liable for injuries affecting visitors or customers. Victims who were injured because of a property owner's negligence may pursue a premises liability lawsuit that will allow them to receive financial compensation for their injuries. Many of these cases involve hazards on a property that lead to slip and fall accidents or other similar injuries. However, there are some situations where visitors may be injured because a property owner did not follow the correct security procedures. In cases involving negligent security, victims can work with a lawyer to demonstrate that a property owner was responsible for their injuries, ensuring that they will be able to recover the financial compensation they deserve.

At The Gold Law Firm, we provide effective legal representation for injury victims, helping them take steps to hold negligent parties responsible for the damages they have suffered. We understand the confusion that families often experience in these cases as they work to demonstrate liability for an injury, as well as the financial struggles that they may encounter. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injury victims and ensuring that they will be fully compensated for multiple types of damages, including income lost while recovering, impairments to their income-earning capacity due to a disability, and physical and psychological pain and suffering.

Examples of Negligent Security

A property owner or another party who was in control of a property is responsible for protecting the safety of those who enter the property. If a property owner does not take the proper measures to maintain safety and security, visitors may suffer harm due to criminal activity such as robberies or assaults. There are multiple forms of negligent security that may lead to injuries, including:

  • Lack of security guards or security cameras - To ensure that people can enter, exit, and walk around a building safely, a property owner may need to ensure that the area is patrolled by security guards, and they may also install cameras to monitor different areas. Without these measures in place, people may be at risk of being attacked or robbed.
  • Failure to deal with disruptive patrons - Certain types of businesses, such as bars or nightclubs, may need to deal with customers who act aggressively toward others. If an owner does not maintain adequate security staff or take steps to eject people who have put others at risk of harm, people may be injured in bar fights or other dangerous situations.
  • Inadequate crowd control - Amusement parks, sports arenas, concert venues, or nightclubs may serve large numbers of people, and failure to follow the correct safety procedures may result in patrons being trampled or suffering other types of injuries.
  • Failure to provide or maintain gates, door locks, or window latches - To protect the safety of people in a building, a property owner should ensure that measures are in place to prevent illegal entry. Owners of apartment buildings or other residential landlords may be liable for injuries suffered by tenants due to their failure to provide adequate protection.
  • Inadequate lighting - Outdoor areas can be dangerous at night, and a lack of sufficient lighting may put people at risk of being robbed or assaulted. Property owners may be liable for injuries caused by their failure to properly light parking garages or the exterior of a building.

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Demonstrating that a property owner was liable for an injury is not always easy. Our lawyers can fully investigate the circumstances surrounding an injury and gather evidence to show that negligent security was a factor that put a victim at risk. We will work to ensure that negligent property owners are held liable for victims' damages. Contact us today by calling our office at 303-694-4653 and setting up a free consultation.

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