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Denver Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

Denver roller coaster injury lawyer

Denver Amusement Park Injury Attorney Serving Colorado

There are a variety of different types of injury cases that fall under the umbrella of premises liability. These situations involve injuries that occurred while a person was on property owned by someone else and the property owner or an agent who was in control of the property was fully or partially responsible. Injuries that take place at amusement parks often fit these requirements, and they may occur because patrons were put at risk of injury due to negligence by the park owner or operator. If hazards at an amusement park led people to suffer harm, or if patrons were not properly warned about the potential risks that affected them, victims may be able to receive compensation for their injuries.

At The Gold Law Firm, our attorneys understand the complex factors that often play a role in amusement park accidents. With thousands of people visiting a park every day, multiple types of complicated machinery on rides and other equipment, and a multitude of potential safety issues, determining who was responsible for an injury is not always easy. Fortunately, by working with our team, you can rest assured that you will have a legal advocate on your side who can uncover negligence that led to your injuries and pursue compensation that will fully address your damages. We will fight to protect your rights and ensure that you will be able to move forward as you recover from the harm done to you and your family.

Causes of Amusement Park Injuries

There are numerous reasons why patrons at amusement parks may be injured, including:

  • Safety issues related to rides - Roller coasters and other rides use multiple types of complex machinery, and if they are not properly maintained, they may break down. This may lead to injuries for people using the rides, or parts may fall from a ride and strike people walking below. Injuries can also occur because of operator negligence, such as failing to ensure that safety restraints are properly secured. In some cases, patrons may suffer injuries due to inadequate warnings about the risks of using rides, even if the rides operate correctly.
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents - Many amusement parks have miles of pathways, as well as stairs and ramps where people enter and exit rides. Wet surfaces or tripping hazards in different areas may lead to fall injuries, and a property owner may be liable if they did not take the proper steps to eliminate these hazards or warn guests about the risks of injury.
  • Negligent security - A park must maintain the proper security staff at all times to ensure that patrons are safe from harm by others. Lack of security may result in people being robbed or assaulted while inside a park or in a parking lot. On busy days or during events such as concerts, crowd control methods should be used, and failure to do so may result in people being trampled or otherwise injured.
  • Food poisoning - Amusement parks often serve a variety of food and beverages, and patrons may suffer harm if food is not cooked properly or if it became contaminated because workers did not follow the proper sanitary procedures.

Contact Our Denver County Amusement Park Accident Attorneys

Nothing can ruin what should be a fun experience like a serious injury. When family members are injured because of the negligence of an amusement park's owners or employees, they will want to determine how they can receive compensation. Our lawyers will work to uncover the safety issues or other factors that led to an injury, and we will help victims take action to pursue compensation for the harm they have suffered. We will do everything possible to make sure a negligent amusement park is held responsible for patrons' injuries. Contact our firm by calling 303-694-4653 to set up a complimentary consultation and learn how we can fight for justice for you.

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