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What to do After a Motorcycle Accident in Denver

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If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident in Denver, your whole world may suddenly come to a standstill. Motorcycle accidents are traumatic, and even when accident victims walk away from the crash, they are rarely ever the same. Even minor injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can result in chronic injury and a lifetime of pain and suffering. The steps you take after the accident can have a significant impact on your ability to collect the money you need to heal from your injuries and put your life back together again. As such, immediately after your accident, take the following steps:

5 Things to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Denver

  • Call 911 – It is important to notify the police after any accident that involves injury or damage to vehicles. Alerting the police to the accident scene is an important component toward establishing liability. The police will interview all involved drivers and eyewitnesses and review the crash site to determine who is to blame for the accident and subsequent injuries. All of these details will be contained in their official police report.
  • Seek Medical Attention – Even if you believe that you are uninjured, it is important to be seen by an experienced medical professional. Many serious injuries can be overlooked in the first few hours after an accident. This is because adrenaline spikes after a crash, and this can mask injury symptoms. Getting an official diagnosis or injury evaluation is important when seeking compensation for your injuries.
  • Exchange Information – Exchange driver's license information, license plate numbers, and insurance cards with the other driver. Make sure you have all of their insurance contact information, including the policy number. This will help you file a claim more easily after the accident.
  • Gather Evidence – Gathering evidence is not always easy, especially if you are injured after the crash. However, if you are able, take some pictures of the crash scene, the damage to your bike, your injuries, and any other important details that could help your case. Overgrown shrubs, missing traffic signs, and broken lights are all examples of important details that may help your attorney establish negligence. Also, if there were any eyewitnesses, gather their names and contact information as well.
  • Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney – Not all personal injury attorneys have experience representing injured bikers. At The Gold Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of motorcycle accident cases. We know that injured bikers often face an uphill battle when collecting compensation. As such, we fight aggressively for their rights every step of the way.

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From the moment you are injured, we can begin fighting for you and your rights to full compensation. We do not let insurance companies take advantage of our injured clients, and we can help negotiate a fair settlement quickly. Contact The Gold Law Firm today for a free consultation at 303-694-4653. We are ready to assist you!

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