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Denver Overloaded Trucks and Unsecured Cargo Lawyer

Denver County truck crash attorney for unsecured or falling cargo

Denver Overloaded Trucks and Unsecured Cargo Attorney Serving Colorado

Many drivers are understandably concerned about the risks they may face when sharing the road with commercial trucks. When fully loaded, tractor-trailer trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and truck accidents can cause extensive damage to other vehicles and multiple types of severe injuries for drivers and passengers. While many commercial truck accidents are caused by truck driver negligence, there are other factors that may be responsible, including issues related to the cargo being carried by a truck. When a truck exceeds the legal weight limits, or when cargo is not properly secured, this may cause a truck driver to lose control, or cargo may fall from a truck into the roadway. When these issues lead to dangerous truck accidents, victims will need to work with an attorney to determine who was responsible.

The Gold Law Firm is highly experienced in multiple types of truck accident cases, and we work to provide victims with strong, effective legal representation as they seek compensation for their injuries. We can investigate the circumstances surrounding a truck crash, looking at who was responsible for loading and securing cargo onto a truck, whether the proper inspections were performed, and whether there were any equipment or maintenance issues that may have caused cargo to shift or fall during transit. By establishing liability for an accident, we can ensure that victims will be able to receive compensation for their damages that will allow them to recover and move on with their lives.

Dangers of Shifting, Falling, and Excessive Truck Cargo

18-wheeler trucks must be properly loaded, and cargo must be distributed evenly on a trailer and secured firmly in place. In some cases, trucking companies may exceed the allowed weight limits in order to increase the amount of cargo that can be shipped. These practices can be very dangerous. Commercial trucks are designed to carry cargo within certain limits, and exceeding these limits may affect a driver's ability to control a truck. An overloaded truck may take longer to slow down and stop, and a driver may be unable to avoid rear-end collisions. Truck drivers may also lose control when negotiating curves or making turns, especially if overloading causes a truck to become top-heavy.

Shifting cargo can also affect a driver's control of a truck. When cargo moves during transit, this may result in an unbalanced trailer, increasing the likelihood of a rollover accident or otherwise affecting a driver's ability to slow down, travel safely on curving roads, make turns at intersections, or stay in their lane on a highway. Cargo may shift because it was not secured properly using straps or chains, or these devices may be defective or worn out, causing them to break during transit.

Improperly secured cargo may fall from a truck, which can cause dangerous accidents and serious injuries. Large objects weighing thousands of pounds may land on or strike other vehicles, causing drivers or passengers to be crushed or resulting in other forms of serious bodily harm, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, or amputations. Even if it does not directly strike other vehicles, cargo that falls from trucks can create dangerous obstacles in the road. Other drivers may collide with cargo or swerve to avoid a collision, and on roads where traffic travels at high speeds, this can result in pileups or other accidents involving multiple vehicles.

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In truck accidents caused by improperly loaded cargo, multiple parties may be at fault. Trucking companies may be responsible for their failure to abide by weight limits, or other parties that were tasked with loading cargo may have acted negligently and contributed to an accident. Truck drivers may also be liable due to their failure to inspect cargo and ensure that it was secured properly. Following a truck accident, our attorneys can help victims pursue financial compensation that will fully address their injuries and damages. To schedule a free consultation and get the representation you need, contact us at 303-694-4653.

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