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Denver County personal injury and wrongful death lawyers

People who have been injured because of the negligence or wrongful actions of others will often be unsure about their options, and they may not know where to turn for help. In these situations, it is crucial to secure representation from an attorney who has the necessary knowledge and experience. The Denver, Colorado personal injury lawyers at The Gold Law Firm are award-winning professionals who have been recognized throughout the state for our accomplishments. Our team has multiple decades of combined experience, and we have secured millions of dollars in fair compensation for our clients. Our experience extends not only from favorable settlements, but also into winning jury trials. Our lawyers are here to obtain the best results for our clients, whether that be a settlement or a jury verdict.

Experience and knowledge are critical traits to look for in an attorney. However, we believe that our dedication to putting our clients' needs first is even more important. Our attorneys have a deep and profound commitment to justice, and we refuse to allow the "big guys" pick on the "little guys". This provides us with the motivation to fight on behalf of our clients every day, helping them stand up to large corporations, insurance companies, or others who have failed to protect their interests.

Skilled Representation in Personal Injury Cases

Injury victims may struggle to determine who was responsible for causing them harm, and they may be concerned about their ability to prove that someone else acted negligently. Our attorneys can provide strong representation in personal injury cases, and we will gather evidence to demonstrate liability and ensure that victims will be able to receive the full compensation they deserve. We can assist with:

Legal Help for Sexual Assault Victims

Victims of sexual assault or abuse will often find it difficult to get past these harmful situations, pick up the pieces of their lives, and move forward successfully. In addition to suffering physical injuries, many victims experience emotional trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our attorneys work to protect the rights of victims of sexual crimes and ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable for the harm they have caused. We can provide compassionate representation for victims in multiple different types of cases, including those involving:

Assistance With Insurance Disputes

Insurance policies provide coverage in a variety of situations, but far too often, insurance companies act in bad faith and put their profits ahead of the rights and interests of injury victims or policyholders. Our attorneys believe in standing up against large insurance companies who have treated people unfairly and ensuring they meet their obligations to provide coverage. We help our clients understand how Colorado's car insurance laws apply in different situations, and we work to resolve insurance disputes without settling for anything less than the full compensation our clients deserve.

Consumer Protection

There are many cases where people experience financial losses or other problems because of the deceptive or illegal actions of large companies. Fortunately, the United States has consumer protection laws in place to address these issues. We provide representation for people who need to address deceptive business practices and other unfair or illegal activities, ensuring that they can receive compensation for losses they have experienced.

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