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Colorado Physician Sexual Assault Attorneys for Patient Abuse

Lawyers for Patients of Dr. Mark Rollin Young in Cases Involving Allegations of Sexual Assault During Ketamine Therapy

There are few things more troubling than situations where patients suffer abuse or other forms of harm at the hands of their doctors. Medical providers are supposed to provide patients with the care they need, ensuring that their health and well-being are protected at all times. Unfortunately, this can put patients in a vulnerable position, and some doctors may take advantage of them. Recently, troubling accusations of abuse by a Colorado doctor have come to light, and multiple patients may have been affected.

Dr. Mark Rollin Young, an anesthesiologist in Glenwood Springs, has been accused of committing sexual abuse against several patients. He owned and operated a clinic that provided ketamine infusion therapy, and several patients have claimed that he sexually assaulted them while they were receiving treatments. Because they were sedated, the patients were unable to fight back, and they have suffered serious physical and emotional harm as a result of Dr. Young's alleged actions.

At The Gold Law Firm, we have represented many victims of physician sexual abuse and other types of sexual assault. We know how devastating these situations can be for victims, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate representation and seeking justice on their behalf. We seek to hold perpetrators responsible for committing sexual assault or other crimes, and we will not rest until our clients are fully compensated for the harm they have suffered. In the recent past, The Gold Law Firm has obtained several settlements for victims of physician sexual abuse. For patients of Dr. Young, we can investigate the situation, gather evidence demonstrating that abuse occurred, and fight to protect their rights.

Sexual Abuse During Ketamine Therapy

Dr. Mark R. Young allegedly owned and operated Apex Ketamine Therapy in Glenwood Springs. The clinic also allegedly did business as Apex Health Alliance and Apex Mobile Anesthesia Sedation Services. While Dr. Young had received training as an anesthesiologist, the services provided by his clinic were focused on the use of ketamine to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as conditions such as migraines and chronic pain.

Ketamine is a hallucinogenic drug that is sometimes used as a sedative. In low doses, it has been found to provide some psychological benefits. However, this use of ketamine has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ketamine infusion therapy provided by Apex Ketamine Therapy and similar healthcare providers involves the intravenous administration of ketamine while under the supervision of an anesthesiologist or another qualified medical professional.

Ketamine use may involve a variety of side effects, including dizziness or wooziness, visual distortions, and numbness. Patients may sometimes experience dissociation between their mind and body, which is often referred to as an "out of body experience." In rare cases, people who use ketamine may experience hallucinations.

Multiple patients of Dr. Young have accused him of committing sexual assault while they were sedated with ketamine. Some patients have even reported that Dr. Young told them they could expect to experience hallucinations, even though these side effects are rare. Patients who have been taken advantage of by medical providers deserve to seek justice, and they may be compensated for the harm they have suffered.

Pursuing Justice for Doctor Sexual Assault

Since the accusations against Dr. Mark Young have come to light, Apex Ketamine Therapy has permanently closed. He has also faced restrictions to his Colorado medical license, and he may face further discipline. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has revoked his registration, taking away his ability to prescribe or dispense controlled substances, including ketamine. However, while these penalties may affect Dr. Young professionally, they may mean little to the people who were affected by his alleged actions.

Victims of sexual assault may be able to pursue civil lawsuits against the perpetrators, including the person who committed assault or any other parties who were involved. If they can demonstrate that they suffered harm because of sexual assault, a victim may be able to recover compensation for their damages. These damages may address the physical and emotional trauma they have experienced, as well as the costs of medical care or psychological treatment and any income they have lost if their ability to maintain employment has been affected. Courts may also choose to impose punitive damages, which serve as punishment for egregious violations of the law.

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