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Brush Personal Injury Overview

greg gold cowboy hatThe wrongful actions of one person which result in injury to another person are the basis of a personal injury claim. The National Center for Health Statistics studied the issue, concluding more than 31 million injuries occur annually across the United States. Obviously not all of these injuries will result in a personal injury claim; however, those, which involve negligence, very well could.

Understanding the Term “Negligence”

One requirement of a personal injury lawsuit is evidence of negligence on the part of the defendant. People are expected to behave in a manner which conforms to accepted standards of conduct. When they fail to do what another reasonable person would have done—under the same set of circumstances—negligence may have occurred. Under the law, there are certain elements which must be proven in order to show negligence was involved in your accident. These include that a duty of care was owed by the defendant and was breached, that the breach resulted in harm to you, that the harm was foreseeable, and that your injuries were directly tied to the defendant’s breach of duty of care.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

At the Gold Law firm, our attorneys have represented numerous injured accident victims in Brush, Colorado, including those injured in:

Automobile accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Trucking accidents
Pedestrian accidents
Bicycle accidents
Slip and fall accidents
• Medical malpractice
• Dog bite accidents
• Construction accidents

Damages You May Expect from Your Personal Injury Case

Most people who are considering a Brush personal injury case wonder what type of damages are possible. Compensation for a personal injury case will almost certainly include medical expenses. Such expenses can encompass prescription drugs, hospital and physician expenses, surgical costs and therapy and rehabilitation. If you were required to take time off from work, you could be entitled to lost wages, and if you may never be able to work again, or are unable to return to your former career, you could be entitled to future wages—known as earning capacity. If you suffered disfigurement or disability, you may be entitled to compensation, or, depending on the specific circumstances of your accident you may be entitled to property damage, pain and suffering, emotional distress related to your accident as well as damages associated with loss of consortium.

Should You Hire a Brush Personal Injury Attorney?

Some of those injured through the negligence of another may decide to handle their personal injury case on their own. In reality most of us are totally unfamiliar with the American legal system, therefore totally unprepared for the mountains of paperwork required and the series of deadlines to meet. Your Brush personal injury attorney is very familiar with the statutes of limitations, which apply in your case, and has experience in issuing subpoenas, dealing with insurance companies and gathering evidence. Allowing your attorney to deal with all these issues and more, can give you the time to heal, following your accident.

Contact Our Experienced Brush Personal Injury Attorneys

Brush Personal Injury Attorneys at The Gold Law FirmIf you or someone you love has been injured in an accident in Brush, Colorado, you need an experienced Brush personal injury attorney from the Gold Law Firm on your side from the very start. Contact Gregory A. Gold of the Gold Law Firm today for a free consultation at (303) 694-4653.