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What the R. Kelly Case Can Teach Us About Sexual Assault

Published: March 15, 2019 003 12:00 pm


man assaulting a woman | R. Kelly sexual assaultIn February, R. Kelly entered a Chicago courtroom and pled “not guilty” to multiple charges of sexual assault. The Grammy award winning R&B star was accused of sexually assaulting three teenage girls and a woman in incidents that spanned decades. Recently these allegations were brought to light after a television documentary aired highlighting the victims’ stories. He was charged in Chicago with 10 counts and if he is convicted of these crimes, he would face up to ten years in prison for each count. The judge set a $1 million bond.

The singer spent the weekend confined to a prison hospital ward to keep him separate from the general prison population. His attorney alleges that he did nothing wrong and that no evidence has been shown to corroborate the allegations against him.

Prosecutors alleged that Kelly sexually assaulted a teenager who approached him for his autograph during his 2008 trial for child pornography. There are also allegations that he assaulted a teenager at her 16th birthday and a 24-year-old hairdresser. The final accusation came with visual evidence. According to prosecutors, there is a videotape of R. Kelly and a 14-year-old girl performing various sexual acts.  There is also a second video tape being submitted as evidence.

How R. Kelly Was Arrested & Caught

  1. Kelly was charged after a Lifetime television network aired a six-hour documentary titled “Surviving R. Kelly.” The documentary included multiple women who had come forward to accuse the singer of sexual misconduct and abuse. While many of these women were scared to come forward at the time, the recent events of the #MeToo movement have emboldened many to step forward with their stories. Gloria Allred represents at least 6 women who have come forward to accuse Kelly of sexual abuse. These women are not currently part of the Cook County, Chicago case. According to reports, four other law enforcement agencies outside of Chicago have also opened up investigations into accusations against R. Kelly.

What the R. Kelly Case Teaches Us About Sexual Assault

The R. Kelly case is one of many recent cases of sexual assault and misconduct in the news. Predatory men in power have used their positions to prey upon innocent women and men for years without fear of being checked. Institutions and agencies harbored these men and allowed their sexual misconduct to continue for far too long. Now, with the #MeToo movement in full swing, victims are suddenly in the driver’s seat and able to hold their abusers accountable for the harm they have suffered.

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