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Study Finds that Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Often Die Young

Published: March 26, 2014 443 3:44 pm


A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry might have everyone rethinking the way we view and treat traumatic brain injuries. Thousands of traumatic brain injury patients were followed in Sweden for over four decades. Shockingly, it was discovered that even once the brain injury victims had made a full recovery, they were more likely to prematurely pass away from traumatic accidents or commit suicide. It was found specifically that moderate to severe brain injury victims were three times more likely to die young than people without any brain injuries.

Immediate and Long Term Brain Injury Symptoms


This study helps solidify the belief that brain trauma can be deadly in many ways that are not immediately noticeable. Physicians and psychiatrists may now decide to evaluate brain injury patients for longer periods of time to observe any types of behavior, such as depression, anxiety, or other psychological disorders.
The researchers focused mainly on brain injuries including, skull fractures, internal bleeding and loss of consciousness for over an hour. It is suggested from the data that there were similar associations when concussions were sustained, not just severe traumatic brain injuries.

Risks of Minor Brain Injuries


Unfortunately, even mild brain injury victims are at risk. In a separate analysis, researchers monitored 333,118 people who sustained concussions and found that they were 2x more likely to die prematurely.
Currently, most treatments focus on the short-term recovery and survival of traumatic brain injury patients. However, this study shows that even after recovery these victims could still be at risk for adverse effects in the future.
Unfortunately, insurance companies are well aware of these complications—and work diligently to avoid compensating you for those complications. As such, they often offer low-ball settlements to traumatic brain injury victims and push for a quick settlement. Do not sign any settlement offers without first consulting with an experienced Denver personal injury attorney. Since traumatic brain injury victims are at a greater risk for premature death, substance abuse, and psychiatric disorders, it is imperative to speak to a Denver personal injury attorney immediately. If you or someone you love has sustained a traumatic brain injury in an accident, it is important to understand how this injury will affect your life and your future.

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