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91-Year-Old Woman Is Taking Action Against Her Insurance Company

 Posted on March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

A 91-year-old woman who lost her home in the Waldo Canyon Fire is taking action against her insurance company and the agent who wrote her policy, according to the Denver Post. Sometime before the fire, the woman was given a quote from another insurance company, and went to her agent to see if he could match the quote. She wanted him to raise her deductible as a way of bringing down her monthly premium, but instead he lowered her fire coverage. As a result, when she lost her home to fire, she was unable to afford to have the home rebuilt. She believes that the agent wrote the policy negligently, and has sued him and the insurance company for damages.

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When someone behaves negligently, it means that they act in a way that no reasonable person would, or that they fail to act in a way that any reasonable person would. When claiming that a professional acted negligently in performing his or her job, that person is held to a standard of what a reasonable person who is appropriately trained for that job would do. In medicine, for example, there is a standard of care that medical professionals must meet. The question isn't whether any reasonable person would do what the doctor did, it is whether a reasonable doctor would do what the doctor did. The same kind of test may apply to car accidents; would a reasonable licensed driver do what a driver did that caused an accident.

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