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Explosion In Lakewood

 Posted on February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

An explosion in Lakewood appears to have been the result of a drug lab of some kind in a shed, according to CBS Denver. There was an explosion inside a shed on the 1600 block of Ammons street, causing a fire that was able to be put out quickly, but hazmat had to be brought in to investigate the scene. Police do not believe that the shed was being used as a meth lab, but they do think that it was being used for some other illegal drug activity. Some bystanders received very serious burns, and had to be treated at the hospital, although no other structures were damaged in the explosion and subsequent fire. The shed was being used to manufacture drugs, but police will not elaborate on what drugs, other to say that it was not meth. In any event, the chemicals reacted in such a way as to cause the explosion.

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