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Forbes Magazine Car Accident FAQ

 Posted on March 05, 2013 in Uncategorized

As Colorado gets hit with the early spring storms that always seem to come just before the winter winds down, many people are thinking about road safety, and driving in the snow. According to a report in Forbes Magazine, winter is actually not statistically the most dangerous time to drive. Studies show that the month with the largest number of fatalities is actually August, and that Saturdays have more fatalities than any other day of the week in August. The causes of highway deaths are many and varied, but one thing that seems to hold constant is that driving is more dangerous at night. In addition to obvious factors such as decreased ability to see hazards early, people are also more likely to drive drunk at night, they are more likely to drive too fast at night, and they are less likely to wear seat belts at night. Each of these items is directly related to roadside fatalities.

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Most car accidents are the result of human error. In some cases people have an inflated sense of their own abilities. In many cases, the error is something like speeding, which is involved in almost ¾ of accidents. However, 75% of drivers believe that they are more careful than most other drivers. In many cases, the error was not negligent, it was simply a person making a mistake. However, when the error is negligent, which is to say when a driver does something that a reasonable driver would not do, then that driver may be liable for damages to others caused by their negligence. This can include medical bills, property damage, and even lost wages that result from the accident. In the case of a fatality caused by negligence, this can also include funeral expense and loss of companionship for those left behind. The civil justice system cannot bring back someone who has been lost in a Colorado car wreck, but in some cases it can prevent one person's negligent actions from creating financial hardship to another family.

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