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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Denver?

 Posted on June 24, 2022 in Uncategorized


Semi-truck accidents in Denver can cause catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities. Injured accident victims often face a long, uphill battle to recovery. During this difficult time, insurance companies and trucking companies often try to reduce their own liabilities by offering accident victims a quick and easy settlement. This is typically just a fraction of what you deserve!

If you suffered an injury in a truck accident in Denver, you may find that you are unsure of whether you need to hire a lawyer right away. You may worry that the cost of hiring a lawyer will be more than you can afford. Fortunately, this is not true! Personal injury lawyers in Denver work on a contingency basis. This means that you don't pay them unless they can collect money for you. But how does a contingency fee work, and what does that mean for you?

The Cost of Truck Accident Lawyers

If you've been in a truck accident, you may be wondering how much it will cost to hire a truck accident attorney. Often, truck accident attorneys in Denver work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they only get paid if they win your case.

But how much do you pay them when you win? The average contingency fee is 33%, but it can range from 25% to 40%.

Contingency fees are typically a percentage of the total amount you recover from the other party. For example, if you win $100,000 and your attorney's contingency fee is 33%, they would receive $33,000, and you would keep the remaining $67,000.

One of the benefits of working with a Denver trucking accident attorney on a contingency fee basis is that it allows people who might not otherwise be able to afford legal help to get the representation they need.

If you're considering hiring an attorney after a truck accident, be sure to ask about their fee arrangement upfront, so there are no surprises later on.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Go Toe-to-Toe with Insurers

Trucking companies have large insurance policies and legal teams on their side fighting to make sure they pay you as little as possible. When you hire a truck accident lawyer, you get a legal team on your side fighting back and pushing for maximum compensation. Without a lawyer, you might not get what you need to fully recover from your accident - and your injuries.

From the start, your truck accident lawyer will gather evidence, interview eyewitnesses, and work with your medical team to evaluate your injuries. After all, every injury is different, and you need compensation that reflects how your injuries have affected your life - and your future.

If you've been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A Denver truck accident lawyer can help you understand your rights and options and will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Denver today to schedule a free consultation.

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If you have been involved in a truck accident, you need a law firm on your side that can go toe-to-toe with insurers and trucking companies - and win!

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