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Texting And Driving Leads To Death

 Posted on April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

9 News reports that a man who was texting on his cell phone at the time that he struck three pedestrians with his car has been sentenced will avoid prison. The man was texting while driving down 168th Ave in Thornton when he left the roadway and hit three men who were walking on the shoulder. A 22-year-old man and a 33-year-old man were killed instantly, while the 14-year-old brother of the younger man was injured but survived. The driver pleaded guilty to three total charges, one for each victim in the crash, each carrying the potential for a year in jail. Because the families of the victims asked for leniency in sentencing, the judge sentenced the driver to 300 hours of community service and probation.

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Each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 30,000 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United states. About 5,000 of those deaths are pedestrians or cyclists who have been caught up in car accidents. Obviously, pedestrians and bicyclists are far more vulnerable to injury or death than those protected by the body of an automobile, with seat belts, air bags, and other safety measures. The number of pedestrians and cyclists killed annually represents about one out of every 6 traffic fatalities. This shocking statistic highlights the need for pedestrians to be constantly aware of their surroundings, but also for drivers to keep an eye out for pedestrians at all times.

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